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Ski boots are every skier's most important piece of equipment. Your ski boot plays an essential role in connecting the energy and subtle movements of your feet and ankles to the skis. If you are not properly aligned, your energy is dispersed and control diminished. 

Yet few realize that a functionally sound inner-boot (the liner) is the most crucial element for protection, comfort, warmth, stability and control. 

A properly fitted Zipfit inner-boot keeps your feet and ankles in the optimum alignment to apply or absorb energy, helping you maintain control and realize your intentions on the slope. This translates into improved ability, confidence and comfort in any ski boot model, on all slopes and in all snow conditions.


Zipfit’s designer is Sven Coomer, one of the most recognized names in ski boot design. Zipfit combines the highest quality materials with the finest artisan craftsmanship in Montebelluna, Italy, the world design center for ski boots and athletic shoes. The result is the most functionally sound, highest quality inner boots available on the market. Your whole skiing experience will improve on your first day because our proprietary fitting system molds your Zipfits to your feet as soon as you start skiing and adjusts itself continuously as you ski for years to come.

Skiers have told us that "Zipfits are truly a work of art".

And pros who ski in Zipfits have been known to say "The Zipfits get better every year".

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and function makes Zipfits the longest lasting custom inner-boot on the market.


Zipfits are not a once-only custom fit—they can be used in multiple shells and the cork-composite fill can be adjusted anytime to maximize comfort and performance. This is truly unique

Zipfit offers a number of different models that offer comfort and great performance. You choose the model by volume according to your personal foot-leg morphology (volume and shape) and its anatomical compatibility with the shell's inner shape. Our models can be found on the line-up page.

If you ever need to make adjustments, our SpotFit mini-kit enables you or a boot tech to add-or- subtract precise doses of OMFit cork composite fill into or from your Zipfits so that they fit your feet and boots perfectly. THAT IS, at any time in the future if you feel any incompatibility evolving within between your feet and the boot shells, you can easily and quickly inject or extract the OneMinuteFit to achieve the perfect fit.

ZIPFITS — COMFORT and PERFORMANCE without compromising either.

Zipfit founder and developer Sven Coomer gives an overview of the unique features of the Zipfit inner boot. From the special cork composite, containing no volatile chemicals, that supports the feet, ankles and legs, to the wool and Neoprene materials that keep your feet warm and dry, Sven demonstrates why the Zipfit will transform your skiing experience from Day One!


Zipfit custom boot liners will completely transform your skiing experience. Here's how:

  • With Zipfit your most subtle intentions are more accurately transmitted to your skis, allowing more control over steering and edging
  • You will find your skis are more stable under your feet
  • Zipfit will improve your balance and control in all conditions


  • Hold your foot and heel down securely, eliminating the need for tight buckling
  • Protect and insulate your feet and legs from the hard shell plastics
  • Keep your feet warm and improve your circulation


  • They mold to your feet the first day you ski, and are easy to refit and adjust
  • They last for hundreds of days and thousands of runs
  • They can be used in different boot shell models and types—when you buy Zipfit, you're not tied to any one ski boot shell
  • They minimize or eliminate the need for costly work on boot-shells

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