How are Zipfit inner boots different from other boot liners?

Zipfit is a completely new and different biomechanically sound and functional technology for achieving the guaranteed fitting that every skier dreams about. An exclusive dynamic response, self-molding cork-composite material continuously adjusts between the feet and the shell, and that is unique to Zipfit. Our proprietary design and materials mean you will not be distracted with uncomfortable skis boots again.

  • Comfort, control and performance without compromises.
  • Warmth and insulation.
  • Protection from the hard, cold shell plastics.
  • Tenacious (yet remarkably comfortable) heel-hold-down, for stability.
  • A natural sock-like toe and forefoot freedom, for improved balance.
  • The pre-packed cork composite means nothing needs to be injected, and it never packs-out.
  • The optimum comfort and support can be SpotFit "injected or extracted"e; at any time to snug-up or loosen the fitting.
  • Zipfit minimizes dependence on the shell for support, and eliminates the need for tight and painful buckling to stabilize your feet.The buckles are used instead to manage flexing action and to keep the snow out.

How long does a pair Zipfits last?

Zipfit inner boots are well known to outlast 3 or 4 pairs of shells, with reasonable care. Typically they last more than 600 days of skiing, but the record is 1,500 days skiing and still going strong in the 4th pair of shells

  • Only the very best materials - without compromise - are used, to ensure durability, comfort and support.
  • Zipfit's durability, and quality of comfort and support is what distinguishes it from mass-produced factory liners and other foam "specialty" liners.

Can one pair of Zipfits be used in more than one ski boot shell?

Absolutely. Zipfits can be transferred from one shell to another quite easily. They work well in different types of ski boots (AT, Telemark, Alpine) and in snowboarding boots. Zipfit can be simply transferred into other shell models and back again ... as many times as you wish.

  • Simply use the initial fitting system to move them from one shell to the next
  • If they feel a little loose or tight, you can use the SpotFit system to inject OMFit composite into the liner, or remove as needed to suit your new shell.
  • SpotFit also revives the comfort and support like new.

Factory liners and even some specialty liners pack-out and quickly and lose their support and insulation - the qualities that matter. Zipfit's proprietary cork composite and combination of American design and Italian craftsmanship ensures you'll be comfortable for years to come. Optional leather or Neoprene lining are available as well, offering the added comfort and durability for which they are famous.

How long does it take to fit my Zipfits?

The proprietary "passive and static" ZipFit fitting process actually only takes 10 minutes.

ZipFits mold to your feet instead of forcing of your foot to "break in" to a cold liner and shell.

You are ready to go skiing right away, which is what activates the dynamic response that is unique to Zipfit! The second and final phase of the fitting process is to go skiing. By skiing and applying your own personal dynamic, you activate the final and exclusive "active dynamic response" fitting process.

If you cannot go skiing immediately, we recommend you heat the shell and liner again, to 150°F or 65°C before skiing the first few runs. If you ski in room temperature inner boots and shells that first day, the composite is very firm and the dynamic response molding process may take a few days of skiing. Either way, once the fitting is complete you will enjoy all the optimum comfort and performance for which Zipfit is designed.

How do I decide what size Zipfit to buy?

Work with your boot tech to make sure you get the right size, but as a rule of thumb Zipfit are designed to fit into the "Mondo Point" Standard or metric-sized shells. The external length of the Zipfit matches the internal measurement of your boot shell. In other words, the shell is 10mm, or 1cm longer than your inner boot size. For a more detailed description please look here for sizing.

Then there is the question of volume, both of your boot shell and your foot. Zipfit has a variety of models to address your feet and their morphology and the shell volume. Different types of feet have different needs. We recommend you try on a few different Zipfit models to find the one that's right for you.

Also, the Zipfit Neoprene forefoot is very elastic and adapts to the width and confines of all types of ski boot shells. You never have to worry about the "width" of Zipfit inner boots.

Why are Zipfits worth the money?

Ski boots are an expensive investment, and really the most important in terms of comfort and control. Zipfit inner boots maximize comfort and control and can be used for years of skiing in any number and types of shells. We think they are the best deal out there.

Here is why:

  • ZipFit's proprietary design uses a cork molding composite and Neoprene materials that respond dynamically to your foot and boot shell. They never pack out the way foam does in other liners. They are more durable and longer lasting.
  • ZipFit promises a level of comfort and support never imagined by most skiers. Your first day in a pair of ZipFits will transform your performance on the hill!
  • ZipFit is made in Italy, with the highest craftsmanship. This ensures a longer lasting product that retains its comfort and performance for at least 600-800 days of hard skiing.
  • Serious skiers replace liners three to four times within the life of each shell. This is an expensive proposition that ZipFit can eliminate because they last so long. 

Some ski boot manufacturers even criticize Zipfit for making too good a "liner". Yet that is what most of us expect from anything we buy.

What about Zipfits at rental shops?

They certainly can used as an instant Custom-fitted, High-Performance demo-rental boot liner. They are durable and infinitely adjustable because they can be readapted to a different skier every day for many years with the static, in-shop fitting process. You might ask your ski shop to stock a rental line.

Where can I buy Zipfits?

We have dealers all over the United States and around the world. Click here for a list of dealers by state and country. You can also contact Zipfit directly through the website. Click here.

Do I have to heat the boots every time I go skiing?

No, but if you give it a try, you will wonder why not?

If you go skiing once, especially on a cold day, with heated boots, at no less than 100°F, you will be never consider putting on cold, room temperature boots again. Cold liners and shells suck the heat away from your feet. And heated shells and inner boots stay warmer much longer every day, even on very cold days.

Another reason is that warm boots are soft and MUCH easier to put on to start your day ...

Do I have to step in and out of the shells wearing my Zipfit?

No, but this is the easiest and quickest way for hassle-free in-and-out of you boots. The ankle-bracing effect of the speed-lacing system makes it even easier and pain free to get into and out of your boots. It also protects the top of your feet from the sharp edges of the boot shell.

Additionally, outside of the shell, it's much easier to get your heel deep into the ZipFit heel pocket and then slide your foot and the inner boot heel deep into the shell's heel pocket. As an added benefit, your socks will also slide in easily without pulling and tugging on your feet.

Here is one more getting-in trick

If you want to leave the inner boot in the shell, there is a trick to get in without disturbing the molded support and comfort you have established from the previous day of skiing.

  • Insert the foot part way.
  • Then hoist the back of the Zipfit upward to meet your heel. That way your toes will slide easily and comfortably into the toe box, and your heel slips under the heel huggers without any resistance from the stiff shell sidewalls.
  • Then use your heel to push your Zipfit inner boot heel deep into the shell's heel pocket.

With just three or four tries, you will find that lacing up your inner boot and stepping into the shell is the easiest and quickest way into the boots.

You are now where you need to be, so adjust your buckles and go skiing!