Zipfit Features

OneMinuteFit, Zipfit's proprietary dynamic molding composite is at the heart of its fitting system. Our inner boots are pre-packed with OneMinuteFit (or OMFit) so no injection is needed. Just heat up your shells and the process begins. The viscosity and density of the OMFit cork-binder adjusts continuously within the liner to your heels and ankles, instep and shins as well as between your feet and the shells. This optimizes your personal skiing dynamics.

Zipfit makes fitting simple and problem-free. Zipfit inner boots cure seemingly unrelated and nagging compatibility problems between your feet and the shells. Your boot will fit your foot and you'll be skiing without compromises for years to come. 



The spoiler forward lean is upright so that it can be adapted to the shell and shell cuff. The reinforced spoiler, laces and power strap makes the Zipfit inner boot independent of the shell and shell cuff spoiler designs. This creates a very effective ankle brace effective for fore-and-aft flex stability and edge control, while virtually eliminating the need for tight buckle closures to maintain control over your skis.



The side-panels are very thin and when the shell is heated for initial fitting the heat transfers through the ankle panels to thermally shape and mold to your ankle and foot as well as the shell's internal plastic shape.

These panels boost the overall inner boot support and functional essence to give you more leverage over your skis.  Zipfits give you more amplitude in support and flex adjustability and hence comfort. With normal liners you must tighten down the buckles which compresses the foam padding and constricts the feet, often painfully.

Detail: Protective leather heel tabs are used to protect the liner heels from abrasion caused by repeated shell entry and exit with the foot in the liner.



Zipfit’s pro-lacing and elastic tongue retainer system is very effective for wrapping the whole inner boot around your foot as an ankle brace and are very important in the initial heat molding process. After initial fitting the laces are optional, but we recommend you continue to use them for the best fit.

The laces are most effective in creating additional and independent "soft-brace" for foot, ankle and lower leg-shaft support within the stiff shells plastics. Along with the Zipfit PowerStrap, the lacing enables you to adjust the inner-boot independently of your outer shell buckling system. You have broader autonomy of adjustment and leverage over the shell for establishing the perfect flexing action, making the shell plastic feel "transparent".



Zipfit owner and designer, Sven Coomer, made the first ever plastic reinforced and asymmetrical tongue-shell in 1972. It remains the best design on the market. Before then the tongues were made with thick leather, plastics and foam padding.

In today’s Zipfit tongues malleable OMFit cork molding composite provides the most effective and durable shin and instep protection. They are anatomically adaptable while allowing the use of very thin and most sensitive tongue profiles.

Our wide and long tongue instep-window corals the OMfit in front of the most sensitive tendonous curve of the instep, which is in front of the ankles. The tongue plastic is thermally moldable, so when it is warmed by the HOT shell in initial fitting it adapts between the shell flap overlaps and the anatomy of your instep. The Zipfit tongue's asymmetrical design self-centers readily — so you don't have to.

This tongue window creates a "dorsal orthoses" between the hard shell overlap-flaps and the foot's bony and very sensitive instep. This “orthotic” effect enables the skier to use the top of the foot as well for more precise steering and edging control.



The elastic Neoprene outer toe box wraps 180° around the whole forefoot for optimum sock-like comfort and adaptability to the shell.

 Zipfit's 180° Sockfit Toe Box allows for more toe room, while a separate shearling wool inner toe-box creates a super-sock-like wrapper for the best warmth and comfort. A leather lower-tongue cover keeps snow and water out. This design offers protection and warmth on cold days.