Zipfit Models

Zipfit offers a number of different models offering comfort and great performance. You choose the model by volume according to your personal foot-leg morphology (volume and shape) and its anatomical compatibility with the shell's inner shape.

All Zipfit models share the same laces, power strap and elastic Neoprene and wool inner toe box. The combination of craftsmanship and technology is behind Zipfit’s legendary power-edging control and sensitivity of balance — two of the most important considerations for all skiers. They are all available with leather or Neoprene inner lining.

And remember, the SpotFit kit enables you or a boot tech to add or-extract precise doses of OMFit molding composite into or from your Zipfit inner boots, ensuring they fit your feet and shell perfectly.

Gara Leather.JPG


The GARA and WORLD CUP are pre-packed with the lowest volume of OneMinuteFit self-molding cork composite. They are specifically designed for normal volume feet in medium- and low-volume shells (1500-1800cc and 92-98mm), and for higher volume feet in ski boot shells sized 98mm or higher.

With Zipfit’s Special Edition "STEALTH" models the spoiler plastic is laminated with soft eva thermal foam and thin honeycombed rubber that bonds with the outer shell when the buckles are closed. Your Zipfits mold to the outer shell’s spoiler cuff, minimizing vibration, optimizing sensitivity and greatly improving control.

GARA and WORLD CUP inner boot models are available with leather or Neoprene lining around your foot. The hydrophobic leather lining ensures optimum support, sensitivity, control and durability. They conform to your foot’s unique shape like no other product on the market.


The Grand Prix is identical to the World Cup, with 10 percent more OMFit cork composite.

The GRAND PRIX is designed for low volume feet in correctly sized medium- to low-volume shell models. (2,000 cc or 98 to 100-plus-mm shells), or for medium volume feet in shell models of 98mm or more. It is available in Neoprene or leather lining.

GRAND PRIX 2016 Neo'.jpg

L.E DiVA-TOUR 2015-16.jpg


The TOUR and DIVA models have a unique, elastic and comfortable neoprene spoiler and snow-collar for easy walking and climbing in all AT and Telemark boot models. The DIVA is tailored specifically for women's smaller sizes.

Both models have also proven very effective for fitting short legs and large calf muscles.

Zipfit DIVA and TOUR work well in high-performance ski boots, which can have excessive forward lean ankle angles and quad stress. This Zipfit model is designed to allow skiers to stand up straighter, reducing stress on the knees and the quads.

TOUR & DIVA have the same prepacked OMFit volume as the GRAND PRIX and are available with both Neoprene and leather inner lining.

SideWinder TOUR Stealth.jpg


The SideWinder© is the flagship of all Sven's inner boot developments because it provides uniquely balanced lateral and medial side support. Your control and balance over your skis will be like you've never experienced.

The SideWinder© cracks the bio-mechanical and anatomical-dynamic code that has eluded ski boot designers from making a product that does everything needed to support the foot and lower leg for the smoothest, most effortless and precise control of the skis at all times. First, it creates complete neutral stability and the most powerful energy transfer possible with the rear-foot. Then it arrests the naturally evolved tendency of the fore-foot to invert and divert weight-bearing and propulsive energy to the hard-bony outside edge of the foot. With the SideWinder© , the soft-flexible medial, arch-side aspect of the foot is converted to retain maximum weight bearing potential and control over the inside edge. Skiers no longer struggle to retain pressure on the medial or inside edge when they're in pair of SideWinders.

The medial aspect in fact becomes weight-bearing and propulsive, giving you equal pressure and stability over both edges and natural weight-bearing control over the center of each ski. Your weight remains over the center of your ski, giving you maximum leverage to both edges. This effortless ease of edging and steering is the game changer that Zipfit's SideWinder© models offer.

SideWinder© inner boots feature an inner shell that is embedded into the Zipfit Inner Boot. This liberates you from the design compromises that are inherent to every ski boot shell and factory or foam-injected liner. The SideWinder© inner-boot is fitted using Zipfit's unique hot-shell initial molding methodology which will converts any ski boot model into the most comfortable and highly-proficient performance, energy-transmission system on the snow.

More importantly the SideWinder© and all Zipfit models enable every skier to ski beyond their own aspirations with better balance, and much smoother and effortless control of all skis in all conditions.