Why Zipfit?

Ski boots are our means for communication and control of the skis and critical for maintaining balance.

Most skiers know that foot discomfort and support problems can take the fun out of skiing—and sometimes make it unbearable. It is what's inside the ski boot shell, the “inner boot” that matters most. Zipfit was created to solve this problem.

Unfortunately, the liners that come from the factory aren't customized to your feet. Factory liners are made to please your feet on the shop floor. Inevitably, they pack out in just seven runs or seven days and scramble your best intentions as a skier. Inadequate liners make it impossible to experience skiing to your potential. Why settle for less?

Photo courtesy DPS

Photo courtesy DPS

Zipfits are more than liners. They are "inner boots" that are fully functional in their own right and are designed to help you maximize comfort, control and effectiveness on the hill.

Zipfit inner boots will dramatically improve the comfort and support, as well as the control and performance of your ski boots because they are customized to your feet — and your feet only.  Zipfit’s proprietary and unique cork composite fill constantly adjusts to your feet, the temperature and skiing conditions.  It is what makes them different than any other liner on the market.

You will transform your whole skiing experience and with greater comfort and more control. This is what Zipfit offers.

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You may object that you already bought a great pair of boots, so why should you need to buy another liner? Even with the best skis and boots in the world, it is what’s inside that will make or break your experience. It's important that your boots respond so that your skis do to. You rely on your boots to communicate your intentions to your skis. Your factory liners may be comfortable at first, but they are destined to lose support and pack-out long before your shells wear out. When they become loose enough to adversely affect your control, you can double up with thicker socks or retro-fit the liners with bits of foam and shims to relieve the symptoms. Or you can try Zipfit and eliminate all of the those thorny problems.

Another great feature about Zipfit liners is they last for years, and can be transferred from one shell to the next, and even among different types of shells — AT, Alpine, Tele and Snowboard. You can ski in your Zipfits at a resort in your alpine gear one day, and the next day head out to the back country and use them in your alpine touring boots.

There’s nothing like Zipfit Inner Boots on the market.

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