Alex Images 1080 x 1080 - Nickname: Hackel, Hacke, Hackemoto Results: 2020 X-games Real Ski Fan Favorite & Bronze Medal, 2021 X-Games Real Ski Silver Medal. Birthplace: Boston, MAHome Mountain: Sunday River, ME Instagram: @alexhackelHobbies: Skateboarding, Photography, Nature, and exercising. Liner Choice: Gara LV

Alex Hackel

Nickname: Hackel, Hacke, Hackemoto 
2020 X-games Real Ski Fan Favorite & Bronze Medal, 2021 X-Games Real Ski Silver Medal. 
Boston, MA
Home Mountain: 
Sunday River, ME 
Instagram: @alexhackel
Skateboarding, Photography, Nature, and exercising. 
Liner Choice: 
Gara LV

Alex is a humble and down-to-earth east coaster. His career started in the slopestyle arena where he was ranked 20th and finished 6th in the World Ski Invitational in Whistler. He was then named to the US Ski Team where he competed for three years at the world cups for the USA. After a knee injury, Alex’s passion was rekindled to go after his love of film skiing and started filming with the production company “The Bunch”. With The Bunch, Alex produced and stared in two ski films that won critical acclaim, such as the best street film of the year. This launched Alex into the X-Games Real Ski spotlight where he capitalized and delivered two amazing videos that helped push street skiing forward into a new era. Now Alex is driven to continue to make influential ski films as well as find ways to give back to the freeskiing community. 

Photo Credit: Alric Ljunghager