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4.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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Unique Features:

  • Lowest volume ZipFits
  • All leather interior provides true to form fit
  • Stiff cuff

Best for:

  • Edging the perfect turn
  • Low volume performance liner that works for tight fitting shells and narrower shells

Skier type

Inspired by a race fit with the stiffest cuff and lowest profile, the Corsa provides increased sensitivity, stability, and responsiveness on the race course or in the run out of the cirque. Likely the stiffest ski boot liners on the market, the Corsa will transform your 140 flex race shells into the ski boots you hoped they would be, or they can make those touring boots that you have into all mountain weapons.


The interior is stitched with the highest quality leather, sourced from the same tannery that supplies Ferrari, so going fast is in these liners’ DNA. For skiers who desire a sleek, true to form fit that perfectly reflects the shape of your foot and lower leg, the Corsa ski boot liners were made just for you. Paired with an enhanced lacing system with metal eyelets, the Corsa ensures your feet are properly positioned within your boots so that you can make the most out of every turn.


The Corsa is pre-packed with the lowest volume of OMFit self-molding cork composite in the ZipFit fleet, specifically designed for lower-volume performance shells. These are also the choice ski boot liners for skiers with higher volume feet (think big foot not chicken feet) as they will likely be compatible with that skier’s shells. While the Corsa comes pre-packed with less cork, skiers can always add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit. 

3 reviews for Corsa

4.67 out of 5 stars

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    5 out of 5

    Jimmy A.

    Really excited to have the chance to ski with the Corsa 92. I know I’ll be happy going back to a leather liner after all these rears. I really appreciate the density of the cork material as well. Right now I’m working out all the fit details for a first day of skiing June 19th. I’ll follow up with some pics and more feedback after skiing! Zipfit rocks!

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    5 out of 5

    Sam A.

    The Corsas are my second pair of Zipfits. My first pair were the World Cups, which lasted me about 6 seasons at Alta with an average of 120 days per season. I cannot say enough about the lasting quality of Zipfit liners. Aside from that, I could spend hours in comfort with those liners while getting a more precise feel out of the boot and ski than with any stock liner.

    When it was time to move into some fresher liners, I went to a local Zipfit dealer that put me into, frankly, the wrong liners. I contacted the Zipfit crew directly and they guided me into the correct liner for my low volume shell style and graciously traded them out with the incorrect liners I purchased elsewhere. I cannot say enough about the customer service at Zipfit. They will get you into the right liner.

    Now, about the Corsas. These liners are very low volume and will not be for every skier. For someone with a tiny race boot and small foot/ankle/calf these will give you the precise fit with great ski control. My past Zipfits lived through about 4 shells (mostly Atomic Redsters), so it does help to know what shell style works for you. These liners will fill in only the necessary “gaps” of your shells. There will be no extra material to break down/move around in a larger volume shell.

    These liners were just what I needed. The break-in process was minimal and they have skied wonderfully. The last, incorrect-for-me, liners purchased felt huge and caused an “unskiable” amount of pain and numbness during the break-in process. *Emphasis on let the Zipfit crew help guide you*. These liners will offer more precise control over your skis. Some of my heavier and stiffer skis really came to life after putting in the new liners.

    My only criticism of the Corsas is that I think I would’ve preferred having the velcro strap like all other Zipfits have. I do feel the tongue flexing/moving when pushing into the boots. The laces don’t offer the same stiffness that the addition of the velcro strap does. With that said, performance loss is minimal, if at all. The sensation is just different.

    Sorry for the novel, but I can’t say enough good things about Zipfit. They make a product that will outlast any other piece of ski equipment. They are a company that should be supported and enjoyed by every lifelong skier. See you again in another 6 seasons!

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    4 out of 5

    Sebastian M.

    These are nice liners, but getting your feet into them is a chore. The selection of the internal materials makes getting your feet in and out of them very difficult. The ankle support is probably one of the best I have experienced. Hoping they’ll get better with Break-In. Overall I am satisfied and will keep them.

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