ZipFit Certified Boot Fitters

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Shop Fitting Instructions

Are you working at a ski shop? Thanks for carrying ZipFit custom replacement ski boot liners. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

ZipFits are all sized on the .5 mondo size, so a 26.5 ZipFit will fit a 26.5 or 27 ski boot shell. Occasionally, we work with skiers who have downsized their shell aggressively and they can benefit from having a replacement ski boot liner that is .5 size larger than their ski boot shell, as the neoprene toe box on the ZipFit doesn’t add any more restriction to the skier’s toe movement. Warm toes are about being able to wiggle them.

The process for fitting at a shop is straightforward. Once you have identified the appropriate ZipFit for the customer’s foot shape, ski boot shell, and skier type, have them try on the liners with their choice footbed and step into their shell. For initial fitting, place the ski boot shells in a boot oven to the manufacturer’s specs. If the customer is getting a ZipFit to replace a packed out liner in their existing boot, warm the boot up in a boot oven to just above 40º C or 100º F so it is pliable, easier to step into, and will transfer some heat into the liner.

*Avoid heating ZipFits above 65º C or 150º F – this can cause damage to the liners and will void any warranty

Remove footbeds from the ZipFits, then using a heat stack or warming bag, warm the ZipFits up to a target temperature between 45º-60º C (115º – 140º F). The goal is to warm the cork composite to a workable temperature, so that it can migrate and conform to the customer’s feet. Place the footbeds back into the ski boot liners and have the skier lace up their liners.

Remove the shells from the boot oven and have the customer step into their shells. Buckle up the boots to a level of comfort, ensuring that the heel is completely back in the heel pocket of the ZipFit. Tighten the power strap and have the skier walk around the shop for 8-10 minutes, flexing a bit and imitating rolling onto edge. If they are in a position to immediately go skiing, do that!

After 10 minutes, unbuckle the boots, if the boot is a hybrid boot flip to touring mode, and flex again leaning into the tongue. Buckle the boots back up and identify and potential points of tightness or discomfort. Our general disclaimer is that even with a fitting, ZipFits really hit their prime after 3-5 days of skiing. Ask them if there is any heel lift or significant movement around their ankles. If so, this warrants adding cork composite to that respective area. If there are only some minor pain points over the ankle or instep, encourage the skier to get out and ski a couple days in them before additional alterations.

Remind the customer that ZipFits can be refitted or tweaked to dial in the heel lock, comfort, and the perfect fit. If they warm the liners up above room temperature, they can use their thumbs to massage the cork composite and migrate some of it out of a potentially painful spot and into an area where more cork is needed.

Slap a ZipFit sticker on their boots and warn them about their newly associated risks of being the best skier on the mountain (ie. folks will buy you drinks, folks might start a grassroots campaign to make you Mayor, kids will start chirping you for Gnar points).

Thanks for helping more skiers get set up with comfortable ski boots and pain free feet!

* If ski shops make incisions or alterations to ZipFits to accommodate boot heaters, the customer’s warranty is void.