Unique Features:

  • Lowest profile ZipFit ski boot liners
  • All leather upper provides true to form fit
  • Enhanced lacing system provides secure fit
  • Stiff cuff

Corsa ski boot liners:

Racer ready? Three, two, one, go! Built with the stiffest cuff and lowest profile, the Corsa provides increased sensitivity, stability, and responsiveness on the race course or in the run out of the cirque. Likely the stiffest ski boot liners on the market, the Corsa will transform your 140 flex race shells into the ski boots you hoped they would be, or they can make those touring boots that you have into all mountain weapons.

The interior is stitched with the highest quality leather, sourced from the same tannery that supplies Ferrari, so going fast is in these liners’ DNA. For skiers who desire a sleek, true to form fit that perfectly reflects the shape of your foot and lower leg, the Corsa ski boot liners were made just for you. Paired with an enhanced lacing system with metal eyelets and now featuring a power strap, the Corsa ensures your feet are properly positioned within the ski boot liners so that you can make the most out of every turn.

The Corsa is pre-packed with the lowest volume of OMFit self-molding cork composite in the ZipFit fleet, specifically designed for lower-volume performance shells. These are also the choice ski boot liners for skiers with higher volume feet (think big foot not chicken feet) as they will likely be compatible with that skier’s shells. While the Corsa comes pre-packed with less cork, skiers can always add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit. 

Best for:

  • Low to normal volume feet in low-volume shells (92-98mm)
  • Higher volume feet
  • Find the best liner for your foot and ski boot shell using our Find Your Fit tool.

Features on all ZipFit ski boot liners:

  • Neoprene toe box with Thinsulate and merino wool insulation for warm feet
  • Durable microfiber exterior
  • Asymmetrical  tongue and spoiler
  • Three spot fit adjustment ports to add more cork composite
  • Power strap and speed lacing
  • Instep window to relieve pressure and prevent shin bang
  • Stealth honeycomb rubber laminate to reduce vibration

The ZipFit way:

ZipFit was founded by Sven Coomer, a pivotal character in the transition from leather ski boots to the modern plastic ski boot shell. ZipFits are designed to restore the feel and function lost in the transition from handmade leather boots to factory produced plastic shells by offering a custom fit solution — liners that don’t pack out, keep feet in the proper position, and last for seasons to come. We source the highest quality materials and make our ski boot liners by hand in Montebelluna, Italy.

Sven helped pioneer foam injection liners but was frustrated with the “one-and-done” fitting process and the volatile chemicals used in foam injection. ZipFit, which stands for Zero Injection Pressure Fit, offers customers a ready, out of the bag solution that morphs to the anatomy and needs of the skier’s foot. Our liners have three ports where our proprietary cork composite (a sustainable solution with no volatile chemicals) can be added for increased heel hold, ankle comfort, or padding in the tongue.

ZipFit values at work:

All ZipFit ski boot liners work best when used with a quality orthotic footbed. For proper boot fitting, we recommend finding your local certified ZipFit dealer or following the instructions for at home fitting. ZipFit has a money back guarantee if our ski boot liners are not the best solution for your feet. Additionally, if you take care of your liners appropriately but your ZipFits have a defect or show abnormal wear and tear, please contact us, we will take care of you. We want our skiers on the slopes skiing and will be sure to find a solution.