The ultimate ski boot liner.

Amazing fit, warmth and performance.
Designed in Aspen, Colorado
Made in Italy 🇮🇹

“As other liners break down, Zipfit’s break in.

Total comfort and performance without sacrificing either.

Zipfit inner boots are the most functionally sound, highest quality ski boot liner product on the market. Your whole skiing experience will improve on your first day wearing Zipfit inner-boots.

Because it’s what’s inside your boot that matters most. 

They are so much more than just mass produced liners.

Our proprietary fitting system based on Sardinian cork continuously molds around your foot. 

Engineered to Impress

Zipfit Inner Boots are designed for the most extreme and demanding environment of ski boots. They feature a proprietary and uniquely resilient cork formula as the fill. The power strap and easy-pull laces ensure the proper fit you deserve. One pair of Zipfit’s can be used in your alpine boots one day and AT boots the next and will likely outlast your boot shells.

Crafted With Love.

Sven Coomer, one of the most recognized ski boot designers in the world, designs Zipfit Inner Boots in Aspen and manufactures them to the highest standards in Montebelluna, Italy. Sven uses a diversified team of professional and amateur testers around the world to help refine models for each season.


Zipfit: Zero Injection Pressure Fit

Our inner boots feature a non-catalytic, pre-packed “flow” system of proprietary granulated cork in the tongue, ankles and heel, which unlike foam or thermo-moldable based systems Zipfit’s never hardens or packs out. A truly unique feature of the Zipfit system is the ability to add or extract the compound from your Zipfit liners at any time, guaranteeing a proper and adaptable fit for the life of your Zipfit’s. All this providing a level of steering and edge control like you’ve never experienced.