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The bones and joints of the foot and ankle.

Boot fitters and podiatrists talk about the 26 bones of each foot, where this people are most focused on. But in skiing and in considering ski boot characteristics we need to understand the whole anatomy. Especially how the weight bearing ankle joint and hinge mortise relate all the way up through the knee and into the vertebral spine via the weight bearing hip joint and Sacrum through to the Atlas vertebra.

On the “Quiet Thunder” photo of Bode Miller, I have drawn a line perpendicular to the ski base that runs through the center of his foot and ankle, through his tibia, to the knee and into his sacrum, then through the hip joint and ending at the bottom of the spine to the Atlas vertebra. He is planing as in deep powder or water skiing. This photo of this proud pro skier is an example of internal-tibial-rotation, which stresses the knees until they fail, and who may also be using isometric contraction of the plantar fascia tendons, is losing up to 6/10ths of his optimum weight bearing potential and wasting energy, endurance and power. You can see the wind blowing his pant leg against his curved tibia.

Quiet Thunder

Nobody can ski like Bode or his World Cup colleagues with ANY FORM of Internal Tibial Rotation. With that ill alignment they cannot handle the G-Forces. The difference it makes for any skier to ski with the effortless and quiet sense of a neutral ankle alignment, which unlocks going far beyond their wildest aspirations and dreams, they discover the fundamental of ALL SPORTS.

ALL The TOP Racers for years have LEARNED to “Tweak Their Boots” to derive an essential balance between relieving the cause of the compromises.

AND they know WHAT THEY WANT BEFORE TESTING SKIS.   OR … They have learned HOW TO maintain Neutral balance of the ANKLE AND FOOT within their boots.  THAT IS — by forcefully and isometrically AND ANAEROBICALLY contracting the plantar fascia tendons IN THE HORIZONTAL PLANE, which blocks freedom of movement, in THE other planes OF MOTION, and REFERS the STRESS Symptoms throughout the body. and CRAMPS THE FEET. Stability often assisted by VERY TIGHT SHELL BUCKLING.

Orthoses such as Superfeet SkiThotics AS PROVEN BY THE RAW RACING of the CANADIANS in the 70’S and 80’S and enable that when precisely molded, then canting cuff hinges and soles also gives a sense of relief and all sorts of other symptom reliefs that sometimes “feels right” or better when they (0r YOU)  become accustomed to those “adjustments.” When you learn to SKI WITHOUT ALL THESE contortions and COMPROMISES (con-PROMISES -SIC) and instantly through the Center of  Your Feet, Within the SideWinder, as in ice skates or water-skis …

You Reach the Nirvana of Total-Skiing.

Skiing Nirvana

Now. Finally I have said it.  Before I forget to remember!
The Hidden Stealth Secret for the past 26 years.

YES some WC racers are using Zipfit, I am told.
Bought in ski shops as they travel world.
But they don’t want their sponsors to know that.
So that remains a secret.

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