Why Zipfit

“The foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”

– Leonardo da Vinci

We couldn’t agree more.

This understanding has driven over 30 years of innovation and refinement. Your foot is a work of art, but every foot is different. Our custom-fit liner enhances your foot’s connection with your ski boot shell so you can capitalize on the strength and power of your foot’s anatomy. Every ZipFit liner is handmade in Italy using the best possible materials for the task, making ZipFit the longest lasting, highest performing liner in the world.

The ZipFit Difference

“Work with your feet, not against them” – Sven Coomer

Anatomy of a Zipfit


Our Cork

Unlike foam liners on the market. ZipFit liners are pre-packed with a unique resilient and self-molding cork composite (OMFit) that properly secures the heel and ankle in place. The anatomically designed pockets in the tongue, around the heel pocket, and ankle, which hold the OMFit cork can be accessed to add or remove material for the perfect fit if the volume of your foot and choice of ski boot shell needs any fit refinements. Because OMFit cork composite does not break down and retains it’s original volume, ZipFit liners consistently deliver superior energy transfer from your leg, through your foot, and to the ski all season long.

ZipFit’s break in, when other’s break down– Sven Coomer

ZipFit owes our heritage of innovation and design to one man.

Sven Coomer.


Money-back guarantee

ZipFit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all ZipFit liners that are purchased online from zipfit.com.* For instructions go HERE.