OMfit – Plunger


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The key to custom fit:

The secret sauce to ZipFit cork ski boot liners, our proprietary OMfit cork flow composite.

  • One ZipFit plunger.
  • Used to make fit corrections where more volume fill is needed in the ankles, heels or tongue areas.
  • Two tubes is normally more than sufficient for a single pair of liners.

About cork ski boot liners:

Here’s a visualization: Throw a cork at the ground and what happens? It bounces back. Throw a piece of EVA foam at the ground. What happens? The impact is dampened and then there is a sad piece of foam on the ground. Beyond being a natural regenerative material, cork is incredibly responsive and has higher ductile strength and ductility than foam.

What’s this mean? It means that the energy you put into your turn actually transfers from your leg into your ski, instead of being lost to compacted foam. #foamisdead

Custom fit:

Custom Fit?
If you get new shells, you can remold your ZipFits and add/remove cork as needed. None of this “custom fit one and done foam injection” – we encourage you to tweak with your liners and make sure they are performing and comfortable. If you have any questions about caring for your liners so they last you the next decade, check out our Warranty and Care Instructions.

For fitting instructions go HERE