mountainFLOW eco-wax Quick Wax COOL

mountainFLOW eco-wax Quick Wax COOL

mountainFLOW’s Quick Wax is easy to apply and works great in all conditions.


here is a growing movement in the ski industry to use natural materials, from algae-based skis, to cork-based ski boot liners, to plant-based ski wax. We are proud to offer mountainFLOW eco-wax products on our site and support another Roaring Fork Valley brand making strides to re-think how our winter sports gear works for us.

  • 15º – 30ºF
  • Plant-Based + Biodegradable
  • 0% Petroleum
  • Buttery-smooth glide
  • SIZE: 2 OZ
  • There’s always time for a quickie . . .