Max Martin

Nickname: Max
Skiing Background: Ski racer gone on to big mountain. Competed in 2021 Kings and Queens of Corbet’s.
Birthplace: Jackson, Wy
Home Mountain: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort / Snow King Resort
Instagram: @maxmartski
Hobbies: Hiking, Mountain Biking, Music
Liner Choice: Freeride Neoprene

I was born in the heart of the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming. My home helped me developed a deep understanding for skiing and the mountains. It has taught me to be humble, patient, and above all to have fun. In my early career, I was a highly competitive ski racer. I was dedicated to the sport and was able to compete on the colligate NCAA Division I circuit with Plymouth State University. I have brought my technical skills from my racing career into my style of big mountain skiing. I try to be calculated when I approach lines, looking to maximize the technical aspects while keeping it smooth and fast. In my years in the mountains I believe that they are one of life’s most powerful teachers. I am passionate about sharing those lessons and hope to be an example to those looking for inspiration or motivation.

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