Renee McCurdy

Nickname: McCurds
Skiing Background / Results: 5th Kicking Horse FWQ 4* 2019, 6th NZ Winter Games FWQ 4* 2019. I started skiing in university after an ankle injury ended my varsity track career. Between degrees I took a year off to ski patrol and skiing became a priority from there on out!
Birthplace: Northern Alberta, Canada
Home Mountain: Whistler transplant (from Lake Louise)
Instagram: @reneemccurds
Hobbies: Snowmobiling, Mountain Biking, Trail Running
Liner Choice: World Cup

Freeride skier turned registered nurse, I pulled the classic move to Whistler and buy a truck and sled move this season after competing on the FWQ circuit for a few seasons. It’s been weird being in a new place with the pandemic but I’m hoping for some pow filled sled days in my future. I’ve been rocking Zipfits for several seasons so I’m stoked to join the team!

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