• ZipFit Rainbow Logo Cap


    An instant classic, rainbow ZipFit logo hat with adjustable back.

    From atop Aspen’s Highland Bowl to aprés at Cloud 9, this hat is versatile and lets everyone know, you’re probably better at turning than they are. The brim has early turn initiation, the leather strap and metal buckle are nods to Sven’s legacy in ski boot design, and the rainbow ZipFit fade is as fast as the speed of a patch showing the visible light spectrum.

    But actually, please wear this hat to Cloud 9 or your local black tie formal slopeside champagne shower.

    Unisex, one size fits most.

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  • ZipFit Retro Logo Tee


    Super soft ZipFit logo t-shirt

    Have you always wanted to share your passion for ZipFit liners but felt frustrated by the narrow 5 minute window of opportunity when you’re lacing up or taking off your boots? Frustrate no more, our retro 3D faded logo on a shirt so soft, you’re going to want to take it to bed.

    Sizing is unisex and standard, though the shirts shrink a little bit after the first wash.
    Available in S, M, L, XL

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