“Lower volume, more responsive and it’s warmer. The way the Zipfit SideWinder ties the medial side of the foot with the overall support creates more response and control. There’s nothing like it.”

— Johno McBride, Former U.S. Ski Team Speed Coach

“The SideWinder spoiler molds into the shell and the cork molds around your foot for a live of control that is unparalleled. This unique symmetrical support balances power equally and effortlessly to both inside and outside edges”

— Weems Westfeldt, Former Aspen Highlands Ski School Director Author, Brilliant Skiing Every Day

“I’m totally blown away by the performance of the Zipfit inner boot. I have never had such edge control in my life with incredible comfort in my feet. It took just one day for my skiing to fully embrace the control that comes with the Zipfit Sidewinder. Once I tried them there was no going back.”

— Hermann Gollner, Freestyle and Aerials Pioneer Olympic Coach and inventor of Breakaway Race gates

“Zipfit is the best aftermarket liner you can buy. Its easy to sell Zipfit to any customer who comes in with a foam boot. We put Zipfit on one foot and leave their foam on the other and they buy Zipfit every time. Foam didn’t work when it was first used in the 1960s, and it still doesn’t work.”

— Bob Gleason, Owner Boot Doctors Telluride

“For more than 10 years I’ve been a true believer of Zipfit. If your ski boot shell is well chosen, there is nothing that even comes close to the fitting of a Zipfit liner. It beats out every other liner on the market. To me not only the use of the cork material around the ankle region but the way you designed the mid- and forefoot sock is so simple but well thought, effective and functional.”

— Koen De Zutter (Belgium)

A fantastic review (but old) from Blister Reviews