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Ski Boot Horn


A simple, minimalist solution for stepping into your ski boot shells. The Ski Boot Horn prevents unwanted wear on the heels of your ZipFits and makes sliding into your shells easy. Now you can have the secure fit and performance of a lace up liner without the hassle of struggling to boot up!



The Ski Boot Horn is the best solution for both stepping into your ZipFits and once your liners are laced up, stepping into your ski boot shells. We tested a number of solutions for stepping into our shells with our liners on — the Ski Boot Horn is the easiest and reduces wear and tear along the heel of your Zips.

Make your mornings easier, by using the Ski Boot Horn in conjunction with the Hot Gear Bag, booting up won’t feel like thumb wrestling a stiff piece of cold plastic. The Ski Boot Horn is roughly 10″ by 6″ and can be cut down to a preferable size if needed. The thermomoldable plastic will take shape of your ski boot so we recommend storing the Ski Boot Horn in your ski boots when not in use. A durable piece of paracord attaches to the pliable plastic with a reinforced grommet, so after you step into your boot, the Ski Boot Horn can be pulled out from the shell.

On multi-day backcountry missions, we love the Ski Boot Horn because it makes getting into cold ski boots easier and it doubles as an improvised splint or a seat for accelerated glissading!