American and English shoe sizes are calculated using an old English measurement called a “Barleycorn”.

Because nobody has Barleycorn rulers in their toolboxes anymore, the ski industry decided years ago to use a sizing system based off of a slightly more standard measurement – the centimeter. This system – called the “Mondopoint”, or “Mondo” takes the heel to toe length in centimeters, rounds to the nearest half size, and voilà. There’s your size.

For example, a foot measuring 25.4cm. from heel to toe would be a 25.5 Mondo-size. Why can’t everything be that easy?

Comfort vs. Performance Fit

Because ZipFit (and most other ski boots) are available in half sizes only (22.5, 23.5, 24.5, etc.), you will have to decide whether to round up or down based on your foot measurement.

Rounding down will generally give a more snug, exact fit. ZipFit Toe Box and ankle area are built with a sock-like neoprene.

The issue of SIZING has always been a perplexing problem. It is much better today, after a campaign I started forty years ago when I was accused of exaggerating the issue. In Berlin, circa 1973, I presented a Standardized sizing system at the first ISO/DIN Ski Equipment Safety meeting. It was simply the Japanese “metric” sizing and surprisingly everyone agreed, yet they ended up doing whatever suited them. Now the binding-adjustment sole length has been added as a vague sizing reference. To make the matter even more confusing, women’s boot sizing is inconsistent at best and should always be stoichastically measured.

Why can the boot manufacturers state the “shell’s” own internal equivalent foot size?
Maybe because — they also refer to the sole length as the sizing reference?

Anyway, let’s just use some simple shell measurements to help get you, the skier, into the proper Zipfit liner.


Take a ruler with measurements and slide it against a wall so that 0cm. is against the wall. Step on a ruler, stand up straightWhat I have recommended in the past is to use the measuring tape inside the shell. To do this, extend the tape into the boot as far as it can go into the toebox. Then by using your hand to push the tape deep into the heel cavity, it will curve up the back giving an internal shell length.

BLUE lines show the middle of the tape bend and the internal shell size of 285 mm. This is also the external Zipfit length, allowing for materials.
WHITE lines show the Zipfit internal size of 275 mm, and the actual foot size within the Zipfit….