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World Cup Sidewinder


Unique Features:

  • Leather and neoprene interior provide form fit and comfort
  • Sidewinder – stiffened honeycomb plastic extends full height of medial side

Best for:

  • Performance oriented skiers searching for the perfect turn
  • Mid volume performance liner that works great for narrow to mid width shells

Skier type

The World Cup sidewinders are the culmination of 30 years of design refinement and stand out as Sven Coomer’s choice liners. Many skiers search for the perfect turn. Sven sought to design the optimal ski boot liners that could help skiers achieve the feeling of a perfect carve. In order to transfer maximum energy from the leg into the ski, the World Cup Sidewinder features a medial side with stiffened plastic from the outsole up to the cuff, preventing ankle collapse.


The interior has a neoprene tongue and the rest is stitched with the highest quality leather, sourced from the same tannery that supplies Ferrari, so going fast is in these liners’ DNA. For skiers seeking stability and a true to form fit that perfectly reflects the shape of your foot and lower leg, the World Cup Sidewinders are here for you. Heightened sensitivity that comes with the leather interior matched with the stable drive of the sidewinder design make for the best power transfer possible.


The World Cup Sidewinder liner is pre-packed with a moderate volume of OMFit self-molding cork composite, specifically designed for normal volume feet in low to mid volume shells. For ski instructors and active racers focusing on every element of the turn, the World Cup Sidewinder ski boot liners will give you a new edge, holding your foot and lower leg in the optimal position for maximal drive and control. 

Jimi Ryan