ZipFit Retro Logo Tee


Super soft ZipFit logo t-shirt

Have you always wanted to share your passion for ZipFit liners but felt frustrated by the narrow 5 minute window of opportunity when you’re lacing up or taking off your boots? Frustrate no more, our retro 3D faded logo on a shirt so soft, you’re going to want to take it to bed. ZipFit has thrived for decades on word of mouth endorsements. If you love your ZipFits, give folks more reason to ask about them by sporting this classic tee.

Sizing is unisex and standard, though the shirts shrink a little bit after the first wash.

Available in S, M, L, XL

The ZipFit way:

ZipFit was founded by Sven Coomer, a pivotal character in the transition from leather ski boots to the modern plastic ski boot shell. ZipFits are designed to restore the feel and function lost in the transition from handmade leather boots to factory produced plastic shells by offering a custom fit solution — liners that don’t pack out, keep feet in the proper position, and last for seasons to come. We source the highest quality materials and make our ski boot liners by hand in Montebelluna, Italy.

Sven helped pioneer foam injection liners but was frustrated with the “one-and-done” fitting process and the volatile chemicals used in foam injection. ZipFit, which stands for Zero Injection Pressure Fit, offers customers a ready, out of the bag solution that morphs to the anatomy and needs of the skier’s foot. Our liners have three ports where our proprietary cork composite (a sustainable solution with no volatile chemicals) can be added for increased heel hold, ankle comfort, or padding in the tongue.

ZipFit values at work:

IMG 4365 - Super soft ZipFit logo t-shirt

Our core values: Build the best product. Foster community. Keep skiing alive. Whether or not you ski in our liners, we invite you to take part in our community. We strive to build products that have a minimal impact by lasting skiers far longer than competitor products on the market. We work hard to drive traffic to our retail partners because our home mountain ski shop was a catalyst for our participation in this great sport. We work with athletes that inspire, include, and represent the best attitudes on the mountain. We partner with non-profits that take action and educate skiers on how best to keep this sport alive for generations to come. Reach out, engage, join us for an event, or drop a line when you are in the greater Aspen area – we’d love to get out and ski with you.