Better Fit.

Better Skiing.


Total comfort and performance without sacrificing either... because it's what's inside your boot that matters most. 


Zipfit inner boots are the most functionally sound, highest quality ski boot liner product on the market. Your whole skiing experience will improve on your first day wearing Zipfit inner-boots — they are so much more than just mass produced liners — because our proprietary fitting system continuously molds around your foot. 

Hands down this is the best investment I’ve ever put into my ski boots. That includes custom foot beds and numerous shells.
I have skied over 2500 days over the past 41 years and these liners are the best piece of ski equipment I have ever owned.
This liner saved my life and my marriage. I could not believe the comfort, performance, and warmth of these liners. The quality is superior and you have to wonder how I ever skied in those crappy factory liners.
If you truly want a custom fit, Zipfits are the only way to go. Stock liners (higher end only) can give you maybe 80 days of solid service and then you find yourself buckling tighter, which crushes your foot. Not Zipfit.
Boot and Liner Upright.jpg

There's a Zipfit liner for everyone.