“The foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” – Leonardo da Vinci

This understanding has driven over 30 years of innovation and refinement. Your foot is a work of art, but every foot is different. Our custom-fit liner enhances your foot’s connection with your ski boot shell so you can capitalize on the strength and power of your foot’s anatomy. Every ZipFit liner is handmade in Italy using the best possible materials for skiing, making ZipFit the longest lasting, highest performing, most comfortable, warmest liner in the world.

The most impactful gear upgrade you can make

Custom cork fit

Merino wool toe box, so warm

Makes you want to dance

Longest Lasting

ZipFit liners are handmade in Montebelluna, Italy so with every stitch comes an unparalleled level of quality control. We work with the best manufacturer in the business and source the highest quality materials selected to meet our unmatched standards for durability and performance. 

ZipFits have a reputation of outlasting hard plastic ski boot shells and run laps around foam liners that our competitors make. We believe that every liner should outlast the exterior armor that keeps the liner in good condition, and take pride in the fact that our liners don’t pack out. Only ZipFits are made with our proprietary cork composite that DOES NOT PACK OUT. We pair this wonder material with durable leather, neoprene, and microfiber, so with proper care, ZipFits will last longer than any other ski boot liner.

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“The pair that I’m using in my boots today have seen somewhere between 1400-1500 days! Kinda cool, kinda gross, but they haven’t packed out whatsoever from the first day I put them in my boots.”

– Brian Dalla Betta, Snowmass Ski Patroller

Best Performing

Visualize this: Throw a cork at the ground and what happens? It bounces back. Throw a piece of foam at the ground. What happens? The impact is dampened and then there is a sad piece of foam on the ground. Beyond being a natural regenerative material, cork is incredibly responsive and has higher pliable strength and resilience than foam.

What’s this mean? It means that the energy you put into your turn actually transfers from your leg into your ski, instead of being lost to compacted foam. #foamisdead

What else drives ZipFits to be the best performing liner in the world? They are the culmination of 60 years of ski boot design and refinement by the legendary Sven Coomer. ZipFits are much stiffer than your average foam liner, but you will find that once laced up and in your ski boot shells, you don’t need to crank down on your buckles nearly as much, because your foot will be properly positioned and will engage with the ski better. The lacing system acts as a harness, securing your foot in the proper position the entire time you are skiing.

Having that proper foot positioning means you can wiggle your toes. Have you ever slack lined or walked on a balance beam? All of our balancing muscles transmit signals to our toes. If your toes are locked and immobile in an uncomfortable ski boot, your ability to turn will be greatly diminished.

Most Comfortable

JH ZipFit Alta 75I2326 1 of 1 - ZipFit liners are handmade in Montebelluna, Italy so with every stitch comes an unparalleled level of quality control. We work with the best manufacturer in the business and source the highest quality materials selected to meet our unmatched standards for durability and performance. 

“Every point of discomfort associated with my ski boots was completely eliminated when I bought my ZipFits (bone spurs, shin bang, toe bang, numb feet, hot spots etc.). This liner made me realize that we as skiers no longer need to sacrifice comfort for performance.”
– Sam Goodhue, Pro skier

ZipFits can help solve major issues like shin bang and bone spurs, but most importantly, ZipFits are comfortable and they only get more comfortable with use.

  • OMFit cork composite maintains its volume while foam packs out
  • OMFit cork composite continuously molds to your foot and remains dynamic while foam stiffens and cracks
  • The asymmetrical tongue reflects the anatomical shape of your lower leg, contributing to proper foot positioning without pain points.
  • The neoprene used in the toe boxes and interior lining offers cushion and promotes natural toe movements.

Additionally, you can always tweak your ZipFits and if you get new shells, you can remold your ZipFits and add/remove cork as needed. None of this “custom fit, one and done, static, foam injection” – we encourage you to play with your liners and make sure they are performing and comfortable. If you have any questions about caring for your liners so they last you the next decade, check out our Care and Repair Instructions.

ZipFits break in, other liners break down– Sven Coomer


A great deal of warmth is associated with a properly positioned foot. Having your heels and ankles in the proper, comfortable positions, promotes blood flow and circulation to your toes. With this understanding in mind, ZipFits feature a flexible neoprene toe box which doesn’t restrict movement so you can wiggle your toes. Additionally this relieves pressure so your toes aren’t jammed against the front of the ski boot. Neoprene has natural insulating properties (yes the same material used by coastal Maine surfers in the heart of winter) so it keeps your feet warm and dry. Add to that, drafted merino wool and Thinsulate insulation and voilá, toasty toes.

Our Cork

Unlike foam liners on the market, ZipFit liners are pre-packed with a unique, resilient and self-molding cork composite (OMFit) that properly secures the heel and ankle in place. Three anatomically designed pouches of OMFit cork are positioned in the tongue and on each side encompassing each ankle back to the heel. The pouches have accessible ports to add or remove material for the perfect fit if the volume of your foot and choice of ski boot shell need any fit refinements. Because OMFit cork composite does not break down and retains its original volume, ZipFit liners consistently deliver superior energy transfer from your leg, through your foot, and to the ski all season long.

  • 100% natural, recyclable, and renewable
  • Low heat transfer and good thermal insulation
  • Compressible, responsive, and malleable

The ZipFit Difference

“Work with your feet, not against them” – Sven Coomer

Foot positioning within the ski boot is paramount to comfort, performance, and warmth. It’s what ZipFits do and other ski boot liners can’t replicate.

The foot can be thought of as a three legged stool of stability, with the heel, the ball of the foot, and the 5th metatarsal (bone at the base of your pinky toe) as the three legs. With ZipFits, the design of the heel pocket, reinforcements along the Achilles, and the customizable cork pouches in the ankles and tongues help position your foot within your ski boot so that the “stool of stability” is properly secure. A skier’s talus and tibia need to be neutral within a boot, if there is inward rotation of the tibia, the transmission of power from the leg through the ski is jeopardized. No other liner keeps your feet in proper position with a stiff enough medial side to capture all of your leg strength.

All three of these points on the foot are behind your toes, so if your foot is positioned properly in a ski boot, you should be able to wiggle your toes (the key to warm toes is being able to feel and move them!) This frees up your toes to move naturally and promote essential balancing movements that help in turn initiation and responsiveness. From carving, to skiing moguls, to big mountain terrain, ZipFits enhance the natural function of your feet within your ski boots. Ski boots should not feel like rigid casts. With ZipFit liners, your foot mechanics can make dynamic movements within your boots.

Sven skiing

ZipFit owes our heritage of innovation and design to one man.

Sven Coomer.

Money-back guarantee

ZipFit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all ZipFit liners that are purchased online from www.zipfit.com.* For instructions go HERE.