Power Straps

Power Straps

Replacement straps for your Zipfit. But we also use these durable straps around our workshop, on our touring backpacks or for our skis for safer transport.

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CAD $15

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Looking for a replacement power strap or need some power straps for a different pair of boots?

ZipFit founder and president, Sven Coomer is credited with introducing this critical element of the ski boot, but very few liners come equipped with a power strap. The ski boot liner is what comes in contact with the leg, the shell of the boot itself is inanimate. Placing the power strap around the liner keeps the foot secure and then the buckles of the boot hold the liner in place.



Our power straps come in 3 sizes that vary depending on the size of the liner.

  • Short: ~51cm fit for liners sizes 21.5 – 24.5
  • Medium: ~53cm fit for liners sizes 25.5 – 28.5
  • Long: 56cm fit for liners sizes 28.5 – 31.5
Sold in pairs

95% of the time, the power straps that come with our liners are the right fit for skiers, though occasionally folks with smaller calves of bigger calves need a different size.