Ski Boot Horn

4.5 Stars

Ski Boot Horn

The Ski Boot Horn is the best solution for both stepping into your ZipFits and once your liners are laced up, stepping into your ski boot shells. We tested a number of solutions for stepping into our shells with our liners on — the Ski Boot Horn is the easiest and reduces wear and tear along the heel of your Zips.

CAD $12

Reviews of the Ski Boot Horn

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5 Stars

Corsa 26.5

last month
4 Stars

Great concept. Less rigid than I expected. Not skiing yet, but will certainly give it lots of testing this winter.

Rob Harrison
2 months ago
5 Stars

My children and grandchildren love these Ski Boot Horns while getting ready to head to the slopes and putting on their ski boots! Another bonus is when my brother and I (84 and 80 years old) are putting on our heavy boots for dog walking in the cold climates.

MaryLou Golding
8 months ago
Use a ski boot horn

Use a ski boot horn

The Boot Horn is a simple tool that makes a big difference on reducing the wear and tear along the heels of your ZipFits by effectively helping slide your liner into the shell without any friction or rubbing.