OMfit Cork – single tube

4 Stars

OMfit Cork – single tube

Already have a plunger and just need more cork? Get some OMFit tubes to keep dialing in your zipfit’s.


Product Details

  • One tube of the OMfit Cork Flow Composite to be added via the OMfit ports on Zipfit liners.
  • To make fit corrections when more volume fill is needed in the ankles, heels or tongue areas.
  • One tube is normally sufficient.
  • A plunger is needed. you can order the OMfit kit if you need a plunger. HERE

Here’s a visualization: Throw a cork at the ground and what happens? It bounces back. Throw a piece of EVA foam at the ground. What happens? The impact is dampened and then there is a sad piece of foam on the ground. Beyond being a natural regenerative material, cork is incredibly responsive and has higher ductile strength and ductility than foam.

What’s this mean? It means that the energy you put into your turn actually transfers from your leg into your ski, instead of being lost to compacted foam. #foamisdead

Customizing your Fit

If you get new shells, you can remold your ZipFits and add/remove cork as needed. This is not like the “custom fit” one and done deal you get from foam injection. We encourage you to tweak with your liners and make sure they are performing and comfortable. For all the details check out our Home Fitting guide page HERE

Product Care and Repair

If you have any questions about caring for your liners so they last you the next decade, check out our Product Care and Repair page HERE.

How to Use

For fitting instructions go our Adding OMFit Cork page HERE

Reviews of the OMfit Cork – single tube

9 reviews with an average star rating of 4.22

5 Stars

Very easy to use to dial in the Zipfit fit.

William Doty Jager
2 months ago
5 Stars

Works great. You don't need as much cork as you think in my experience. Play around with what works for you though. The customer service is excellent. If you need help give them a call or email, they will sort you out.

4 months ago
5 Stars

works like a champ; added cork in the lower tongue area to reduce heel lift

Mark Jen
6 months ago
4 Stars

Great but need much additional cork

Bart Romeijn
6 months ago
1 Stars

Package open on arrival. No tube

Stephen Perry
7 months ago
5 Stars

Easy to use and tightened the liners up to be very comfortable

Pierre Champness
7 months ago
5 Stars

I recommend having these cork fillers on hand to experiment with dialing-in your liners. In my case, I used several tubes and learned how the system works. Love my liners, they really do improve fit and performance, even race boots.

Brad Wisler
8 months ago
3 Stars

Looking for that foam filled perfect fit. Shop doesn’t install enough Cork. After an expensive liner we continue to buy more cork for that right fit. The liner not warm. Now have frost bite on my toe .

karen r.
2 years ago
5 Stars

Perfect for tweaking the fit

Robert K.
2 years ago