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Matt MandelMatt Mandel

These are THE BOMB!! I have been an avid skier for 4 decades. As my skiing grew more aggressive, I struggled with tightening my boots enough to give me the control I want at high speed through bumps, jumping cliffs, and speeding down the hill at 60-70 MPH. To tighten to what I wanted meant frequent buckling and unbuckling (and struggling to buckle tightly enough). If you know what I mean, you would benefit from zipfit even if your skiing is not that extreme. Fortunately my local boot fitter was skilled with zipfits. (Gary at Helm of Sun Valley in San Mateo CA). Now with my zipfits I have life changing fit, and unbelievable heel hold down. My heel simply does not move. I think the secret is in the cork emulsion which after a few relatively painful hours flexing in the store, conforms like nothing else I have ever experienced to your feet, and does not easily change. I would say you do need a skilled boot fitter to fit these because they come in different volumes and you want the volume that will perfectly take up the space between your feet and your boots. With that you will be good as gold. They have a long life too, and I also got mine fit with after market heaters. They are the best performing and comfort boots I have ever had.

Dave AsmussenDave Asmussen

Best liners on the market, they will out last the shells. I have a pair that has gone into 5 shells. Cork material around the ankle is easily customized with some heat.
"Heat it and go ski it"

Carolina BagnatoCarolina Bagnato

I skied in my Zipfit Freeride for over a year now. I spend many days on the mountains and I always struggled with boot fitting…not anymore!! Zipfits are perfect for powder days, ski touring, park laps and everything in between. Thanks to the possibility of adding more cork in the shoes, I finally have the right grip on my heel, so I really control all the movements I make. Also, they are super durable and comfy, even in long cold days. This is a really high quality product, that I would recommend to any passionate skier!

Jonathan KushnerJonathan Kushner

these are great. don't feel that you need to clamp down the boots

fit is great. I pulled brand new liners out and replaced with my zip fit. comfy

Mikey WechslerMikey Wechsler

Best ski boot liner out there…both the fit and the durability are amazing…as someone who skis 160 days per year on average I need a liner that lasts…Zipfits usually last me at least 2 seasons and you can always add more cork if needed..totally worth the $$…if you want the best , these are them🤘🏼⛷

RJ PonchioneRJ Ponchione

I put many happy customers into zipfits and am still wearing the first pair I built for myself 25 years ago. In over 500 days of skiing since from the long fast cruisers of Sun Valley ID to the steep technical terrain of Taos NM I've always had comfortable feet and precise control. I've gone through 2 sets of shells and am due for a 3rd but the liners are as good as new.

Karim OdriscollKarim Odriscoll

I have skinny boney feet prone to getting spurs or new bumps during ski season, and always thought foam injected liners were the only thing that would work. I even tried the Fischer vacuum shells… but since I got my first Zipfit liners 8 years ago I’ve never looked back! They gone into 3 different shells (2 Fischer and 1 Salomon) and 2 different foot beds. About the most work they’ve needed during that time was a little “bake” in the microwave to snug them up again. Next season might be time for some new ones as they’re finally smelling a little too funky 🙂

Bradley RobinsonBradley Robinson

I am a full time ski instructor. 10 years with the PSIA. The best fit, feel, and performance I've ever gotten from any boot. zip fit has definitely been a massive tool in my arsenal. more connection to my gear, better comfort, and they last way linger than any other performance liner on the market. hands down, I'm ZipFit till the day I die.

Marta May BergazMarta May Bergaz

I have been skiing in Zipfit liners for 3 season's now after changing from a well known injected foam liner, and all I can say is that the Freeride Neoprene liners that I am currently in are incredibly comfortable and warm, my heal does not move a bit and I feel so much control. I spoke with someone on the phone that helped me choose the right liner for my feet, the kind of skiing I do and the type of boots I ski in. Whenever I hear someone complaining about their ski boots I recommend Zipfit liners since they have solved all the feet issues I have suffered since I started skiing, feet pain, cold toes, cramped soles. Don't think it over these are hands down the best peace of ski gear to improve comfort and performance.