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OMfit – Plunger

5 Stars

Product details

This is the tool needed to push out the OMfit cork composite out of the tubes that you can find HERE. This way you can make fit corrections by adding more volume to your Zipfit’s and improve and customize your fit.

Customizing your Fit

If you get new shells, you can remold your ZipFits and add/remove cork as needed. This is not like the “custom fit” one and done deal you get from foam injection. We encourage you to tweak with your liners and make sure they are performing and comfortable. For all the details check out our Home Fitting guide page HERE

How to Use

For fitting instructions go our Adding OMFit Cork page HERE

Reviews of the OMfit – Plunger

2 reviews with an average star rating of 5

5 Stars

Quick delivery and works great to add cork to liners.

Gary Kemplen
3 months ago
5 Stars

Works well, much better than my DIY plunger.

John Peyton
last year