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Gara LV

5 Stars

Gara LV

Designed for
Liner Volume

Designed for the all mountain skier seeking performance, the Gara LV (low volume, meaning less cork material) ski boot liners offer uncompromising edge control, with an engaging forward leaning design, keeping you balanced through bumps, steeps, powder, and chunder. Recognized as Best of by Blister Magazine 2020-2023, the award winning Gara is the signature liner in our fleet and is now offered in low volume and high volume models to accommodate more skiers.

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Product details

The interior is stitched with comfortable neoprene that offers just the right amount of padding and is easy to slide on or slip off. Gara LV ski boot liners properly position your foot so that your toes have wiggle room and stay warm thanks to a neoprene toe box insulated with Thinsulate and merino wool. A moderately stiff cuff makes the Gara our most versatile liner, capable of performing in any terrain on the mountain.

Fit considerations

The Gara LV liner is pre-packed with a moderate amount of OneMinuteFit self-molding cork composite, specifically designed for low to mid volume performance boots. While the Gara LV comes pre-packed with less cork, skiers can add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit. If the Gara LV doesn’t have enough volume for your ski boot shells, consider the Gara HV model.

Intended use

All mountain, freeride, carving

Tech features

Laces and power strap

Designed to keep your heel and midfoot in place, the lacing system and power strap align your foot within the liner.

Neoprene toe box

A flexible toe box conforms to your forefoot, regardless of the width. With your foot secure in place, this toe box design allows for toe movement, keeping your feet warm.

Merino wool and Thinsulate

ZipFit toe boxes are insulated with Thinsulate and real merino wool, keeping your toes warmer while still promoting breathability.

Adjustable cork pouches

Three cork pouches in each liner (located behind the top of the tongue and on either side of the instep) allow you to adjust the cork fill to dial in your perfect fit.

Neoprene lining

3mm neoprene lines the interior of this ZipFit, adding a nice element of cushioning without sacrificing the performance of your fit.

Reviews of the Gara LV

17 reviews with an average star rating of 4.88

5 Stars

I have used Zip fits for decades and they perform like nothing else. I recently started using the leather Gara and its a game changer having the leather around my foot! Feedback to the skis is insanely smooth powerful just like Nordica liners in the seventies which Sven developed with Nordica that were and still are literally works of art as are zip fits. They might be hard to put on. But a heated boot bag makes it quite easy. They sensitivity underfoot is beyond amazing. Should be more like 10 stars!

kevin hepburn
2 months ago
4 Stars

As a strong, female skier I have a REALLY hard time finding a boot that is both small enough and stiff enough for me to really drive my skis like the ex-racer that I am. The Gara LV from Zipfit helps eliminate those issues by not only creating a liner that's true to my foot size, it also stiffens up whatever shell I'm riding in that day. The control is finally back in my, feet, and I couldn't be happier!

Erin Spong
5 months ago
5 Stars

Straight Power. I love the control and power that my Gara LV give me. Not only are these liners super comfy, they really change the game when it comes to control. I feel more confident on my skis and my feet are more comfy. What a combo, can't recommend ZipFits enough.

Chris Goodhue
5 months ago
5 Stars

Excellent liners. Better fit then with any other system so far. Recommend 100%

Benjamin Rieff
5 months ago
5 Stars

Ski boot shell: K2 Anthem Pro 120 Lower leg and foot volume: Low Skier type: Professional big mountain/ Freeride skier I love my ZipFit liners! I used to really struggle with shin bang, and I don’t anymore! Huge win. Plus, I finally feel like I can transfer power to my skis efficiently 🤯 I can’t recommend these enough. THANK YOU ZIPFIT ❤️

Addy Jacobsend
5 months ago
5 Stars

Ski boot shell: Tecnica Mach1 LV 130 Lower leg and foot volume: Mid Skier type: Expert I have spent thousands of dollars on ski boots and liners. A friend told me about Zipfit and I was skeptical but thought I might as well give it a try- the return policy begs you to try them and feel the difference. These liners are seriously the best! I have 30+ days in mine and they keep getting better and better. I typically had issues with too much pressure over the top of my foot but by the time I would get a boot that would alleviate that, I would be swimming in the heel area. I am now in the boot I should be for heel hold and have adjustment over the top of my foot (I actually need to add more cork in the heel area for next season). I am sold on these liners for life! The fit and ski performance is unparalleled while the quality will last for many, many seasons. Get a pair, you won't regret and feel the difference!

Mike Riley
5 months ago
5 Stars

I have been skiing with zipfits for more than 15 yrs, but have only purchased 2 pair of zip fits. Since zipfits do not “pack out”, i purchase 3 pairs of shells per pair of zipfits. They allow one to have that tight fit which i find necessary or desirable for those higher speed turns and in the moguls. This is the upgrade that boot sellers should be incorporating in their liners or offering as an option. Nordica did a partial cork in one model a few yrs ago but i put my zipfits in them mid-season. I highly recommend these for people who want to ski more than 2 seasons in their boots and who ski more than 10 full days a year. I imagine people who ski backcountry which puts a lot of wear on the liner will love zipfits!

5 months ago
5 Stars

Ski boot shell: Lange 130 Lower leg and foot volume: Medium, old guy, needed more toe width Skier type: advanced / used to race These are awesome!

Peter Johnston
5 months ago
5 Stars

I love my ZipFits! Before I got ZipFits I was rocking the stock liner in every boot. My feet would have pressure points or I couldn't lock my buckles down tight enough for the control I wanted. These liners changed the control I have in my boots and made me feel like I upped my skiing ability within one day. A plus is that I can rock them in my resort boots and my touring boots!

Sierra Schlag
5 months ago
4 Stars

Well built and easily customized. I do wonder about the power strap since most boots already have one. I simply removed them, Also the excess lacing dangles down the side of the boot. Minor points but somewhat annoying. That and the price and shipping to Canada cost prevents me from giving the liners a 5 star. Also some supply chain issues delayed my receipt date for 8 weeks.

David Primrose
5 months ago
5 Stars

It was a total game changer for my wide feet and Morton’s neuroma trouble

Andy Nardecchia
5 months ago
5 Stars

I’m in a Lange FreeTour 130 and have a med. vol. foot. They’re amazing, heel retention, warmth and durability cannot be matched.

Rob May
5 months ago
5 Stars

I am 55, 6-2, 250 lbs, skiing pretty much exclusively frontside with Technica Mach 1 boots with very thin thermasilk liners as socks. Skiing since age 5 and a former casual racer, now with family and career I ski approximately 2-10 days each year over the past 30 years. Boot fit problems have plagued me for most of that time, as I have a slightly wider foot with an arch that prefers to collapse a bit under strain. Long story short, when skiing a relatively few days a year, I don't have time to go back and forth to the boot fitter each ski trip over and over, and/or wait half a day of painful skiing for my liner to pack in to where it's tolerably comfortable. And of course until it packs in the book can't be tightened enough and I don't have control over the skis. So then I have a really short sweet spot until the liner packs out too much and no about of buckling gives me back control. So an absolute amount of frustration for decades. And I've tried sooo many "fixes", including a ridiculous amount of expensive custom footbeds, multiple boots, custom foam liners (surefoot, I don't know how you're still in business), traveling far to crabby "guru" bootfitters who made me a custom footbed, and then when I was still in pain just gave up and suggested a big pillow-y intermediate boot as the solution. Rather than give up skiing completely I did some research and found zipfit. Jake at Footloose in Mammoth agreed they would help, but they were understandably out of stock in May, Chris at Zipfit was extremely helpful and found a ski shop in Idaho who had a pair in stock. I purchased them sight unseen and brought them to Jake who heated and fit them. Wow. Just wow. No pain at all, just complete comfort AND control. The holy grail. I've always thought people who ski all day comfortably was a myth, but I actually found myself back in my room after skiing, with my ski boots still on, and realizing I was completely comfortable with them still on. The liner just completely molds to the shape of the foot/ankle/calf, and does not pack out or shift. So, so grateful for finding Zipfit, and thank to Jake at Footloose and Chris at Zipfit for the time. And shout out to Tricia at Peaked Sports in Driggs Idaho who was just lovely to deal with in buying the liners and shipping them to me. These are not cheap, but in hindsight given the joy in skiing they've brought back to me they are a bargain at twice the price. Downsides? Well, with the laces on the liners on they are a bit tricky to get into my Technicas. I tried them without the laces and that works a bit better, but I prefer having a little more snugness with the laces on, so I will deal with that for now and perhaps look for a different shell down the road. But this is a minor inconvenience. and not really an issue. Mark

Mark H
8 months ago
5 Stars

When I first heard about these, I thought there might be a bit of hype. I was dead wrong. This is THE best heel retention I have ever had with my low volume foot. Even if I try to raise my heel, I cant. Because of the cork material and the ability for it to not only continuously mold to your foot/shin, but also the liners capacity to keep taking more cork over the days, months and years. Not to mention the durability of this liner which will outlast others on the market at minimum 3-5x over. The reality is that with a EVA foam heat moldable liner it will pack out quickly and it’s not like you can hope to mold it again for more retention…in fact the opposite will happen. With a foam injection liner you only have one shot at getting it right, and it will still break down. With the zipfit you can just add more cork, and boom, back to feeling like you just stepped into a brand new perfectly molded liner. What’s even better is that I’m not giving up a thing when it comes to comfort in these liners despite the performance. This is the most comfortable and warm my feet have ever been in a ski boot. I can’t recommend these liners enough. They’ve literally changed my skiing. Thank you for making an insanely great product.

Spencer Fochtman
11 months ago
5 Stars

Zipfit single handedly saved my ski season. Allowing me to stay in my current shells and enhancing the amount of performance I get out of my skiing. As someone with a low volume foot, the ability to add cork has helped tremendously with getting my "skinny foot" to feel locked in.

Christian B.
last year
5 Stars

I picked up a pair of these in Jackson in 2015. No boot ever worked for me, I tried sizing up and down , squeezing my feet ungodly amounts, foam, intuition... and then I tried these. I could ski a 315mm boot as a size 10.5 men’s shoe finally and feel my toes while still having all the ankle and heel retention needed! After 5 years of the gara I finally replaced them with a new pair. Not because they are finished, but because I bought a Lange XT140 touring boot and put my old zip fits into them! These can make a touring boot feel like a full on downhill charger. Now that the liner is really broken in, it’ll have sufficient ankle articulation for touring and my new liner will be ultra strong for my downhill boot. Where the black power material comes down to on the gara seems perfect for touring. I recently inserted more cork into my old liner and it felt years newer ;) - Giray Dadali

Giray D.
last year
5 Stars

I think I’m a prime example of how good these inserts are. I’m a big guy, 6,1, 250lbs. I ski really hard for someone my size. I have flat, wide feet, and have always struggled with foot pain when skiing. This week I was in Utah, first day we were there I had aching feet and numbing. My Rossignol boots were expensive, and I’ve only put 30-50 days on them, so the shells were in great shape. However I pack out my liners really quick, because of my size, and how I ski. I went to the sports den in SLC, and a guy recommended your inserts. I said screw it, they’re expensive, but comfort is priceless, especially with how pricey skiing is in general. The rest of the week I was in pure bliss, I’ve never felt more comfortable and connected in a boot. I skied 8 days straight with zero pain, and I can’t wait to get back in them and buckle em down hard. Thank you guys 🙏 These inserts are priceless

Matt R.
last year
Keep your feet happy all day, from first chair to aprés.

Keep your feet happy all day, from first chair to aprés.

Ski boots don’t have to be painful, discover the fit solution that has worked for thousands of skiers.

What’s better - leather or neoprene?

It all comes down to user preference.

Are you willing to lace up your liners and step into your shells before every use? Our leather lined ZipFits require this move, while our neoprene lined ZipFits are easier to step into. If your answer is “no way” – we suggest the neoprene ZipFits.

Leather offers a true to form fit meaning your ankles and shinbone will imprint into the leather, securing your lower leg and foot to the ultimate degree.

Neoprene has more natural cushioning, so while you can still get an excellent fit, they have a more forgiving feel when skiing.

Both interior liners can last a LONG TIME with proper care. While we think of leather as more durable, we know of a pair of neoprene liners with 1500 ski days.

For precision fit and performance, the leather has a slight advantage.

For ease of use and all mountain comfort, the neoprene has a slight edge.

Should you take your liners out of your ski boots?

Ski boot liners will dry better if removed from the shells, but what about the wear and tear of removing the liners and then stepping back into the shells? We recommend removing your ZipFits from the shell after skiing to unlace them and let them dry and then using the Ski Boot Horn to assist in stepping back into your shells. The Ski Boot Horn dramatically reduces the wear on the backs of your liners and by lacing your liners up prior to stepping into your boots will ensure that your foot is properly positioned.

Can I add boot heaters to my ZipFits?

Certainly, but take note that if you make an incision in your liners for boot heaters, that will void your 30 day money back guarantee. We recommend skiing in your liners for a week or so to ensure they are the right size and model before you add boot heaters. Additionally, heated socks perform well and don’t require altering your liners. 

Are there any return exclusions?

Yes, if you alter your liners or make any incisions to them in the first 30 days, it will void your return policy.

How should I care for my ZipFits?

Great question, we built out an entire Care and Repair section to help our customers keep their ZipFits skiing longer.

Will I be charged for a replacement item?

If there is a difference in price of an item, you will be asked to pay the difference or receive the appropriate refund. ZipFit offers free shipping to the customer on our orders over $100, if there is a return, the customer is responsible for paying for return shipping.

How can I track my orders and payment?

When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email followed by another email when the product ships. This email will contain tracking information. If you can only receive USPS at your address, please leave a note in your product order.