Hot Gear Bag


Keep your ski gear well organized and your ski boots warm with the Hot Gear Bag.

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As the saying goes, there is a leisure class at both ends of the spectrum. So, whether you live in your car or a slopeside mansion, the Hot Gear Bag will ensure that your ski boots and ski boot liners will be warm and dry for first chair or dawn patrol the following day. With a standard DC plug and 12v AC car adapter, you can warm your ski boots up while sitting in traffic on I-70.

ZipFit ski boot liners work best when laced up prior to stepping into the ski boot shell, but stepping into a cold boot can be a struggle. Warm ski boots make gearing up easier and help you start your day with warm feet. Use the Hot Gear Bag in combination with the Ski Boot Horn when you gear up, we promise your feet will will be warmer and happier.

The Hot Gear Bag Classic fits ski boots, ski boot liners, additional gear, and comes equipped with a helmet carry system. There are four settings, Off, Warm, Dry, and Hot which correspond with the following temperatures. Take note, certain ski products should not be heated above specific temperatures. We recommend that you avoid heating ZipFit liners and footbeds above 160º F or 70º C.


Warm: 50º C // 122º F

Dry: 60º C // 140º F

Hot: 75º C // 167º F