Race Fit Recommendation

The corsa is the best choice for the lowest volume shells as it is the slimmest of our liners and works great in high performance race focused shells. The all leather interior ensures comparable ankle hold and sensitivity.

The gara is a fantastic choice for people that are in race boots which are low volume but in which the out of the box fit in not optimal or in which the stock liner has packed out and the initial performance has been lost.

Many consider the World Cup Sidewinder the culmination of half a century of constant development and fine tuning by our legendary founder Sven Coomer as it integrates all the bells and whistles that Sven has developed to maximize energy transfer to the inside edge. The sidewinder adds volume to the liner setup so it does not always work weill in the lowest of volume shells but if there is some space to spare having the World Cup sidewinder in your setup opens the door to radical new sensations of power transfer.