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Freeride – Neoprene

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Unique Features:

  • Fluted cuff provides more front to back flexibility
  • More comfort oriented stance

Best for:

  • All mountain skiers in variable conditions
  • Skiers with larger or lower calf muscles
  • Ski professionals spending all day in their boots
  • High volume shells

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Freeride – Neoprene ski boot liners:

Skier type

Designed for all day comfort, the Freeride makes a full day of charging through bumps and ripping groomers feel easy. Fit for both Olympic freestyle skiers and avid amateurs who want performance paired with forgiveness through the back of the cuff, the Freeride ski boot liners deliver a free feeling ride every run. A fluted cuff better accommodates lower-set and larger calves but also functions with more front-to-back flex for skiers looking to ski switch.


The interior is stitched with comfortable neoprene that offers just the right amount of padding and is easy to slide on or slip off. Freeride ski boot liners properly position your foot so that your toes have wiggle room and stay warm thanks to a neoprene toe box insulated with Thinsulate and merino wool.


The Freeride liner is pre-packed with the most OMFit self-molding cork composite, specifically designed for all day comfort and performance. Freeride ski boot liners best fit higher volume ski boot shells and lower volume feet, but while the Freeride comes pre-packed with more cork, skiers can still add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit or take up excess volume.

Domi Athlete image - Unique Features: Fluted cuff provides more front to back flexibility More comfort oriented stance Best for: All mountain skiers in variable conditions Skiers with larger or lower calf muscles Ski professionals spending all day in their boots High volume shells

“I always had problems with my boot setup until I got into a pair of Zipfits. No more shin bang on hard landings and my heels don’t move so I have much more control.” – Domi Ohaco

Features on all ZipFit ski boot liners:

  • Neoprene toe box with Thinsulate and merino wool insulation for warm feet
  • Durable microfiber exterior
  • Asymmetrical  tongue and spoiler
  • Three spot fit adjustment ports to add more cork composite
  • Power strap and speed lacing
  • Instep window to relieve pressure and prevent shin bang
  • Stealth honeycomb rubber laminate to reduce vibration 

The ZipFit way:

ZipFit was founded by Sven Coomer, a pivotal character in the transition from leather ski boots to the modern plastic ski boot shell. ZipFits are designed to restore the feel and function lost in the transition from handmade leather boots to factory produced plastic shells by offering a custom fit solution — liners that don’t pack out, keep feet in the proper position, and last for seasons to come. We source the highest quality materials and make our ski boot liners by hand in Montebelluna, Italy.

Sven helped pioneer foam injection liners but was frustrated with the “one-and-done” fitting process and the volatile chemicals used in foam injection. ZipFit, which stands for Zero Injection Pressure Fit, offers customers a ready, out of the bag solution that morphs to the anatomy and needs of the skier’s foot. Our liners have three ports where our proprietary cork composite (a sustainable solution with no volatile chemicals) can be added for increased heel hold, ankle comfort, or padding in the tongue.

ZipFit values at work:

All ZipFit ski boot liners work best when used with a quality orthotic footbed. For proper boot fitting, we recommend finding your local certified ZipFit dealer or following the instructions for at home fitting. ZipFit has a money back guarantee if our ski boot liners are not the best solution for your feet. Additionally, if you take care of your liners appropriately but your ZipFits have a defect or show abnormal wear and tear, please contact us, we will take care of you. We want our skiers on the slopes skiing and will be sure to find a solution.

Size (Mondo)

21.5, 22.5, 23.5, 24.5, 25.5, 26.5, 27.5, 28.5, 29.5, 30.5, 31.5

Interior Lining

Skier Type

All Mountain, Ski Touring

7 reviews for Freeride – Neoprene

  1. Edward R. (verified owner)

    I work in my ski boots 8-10hrs a day and have been hunting for a better liner solution. After trying a couple competitors and returning products I noticed a co-worke, one day with ZIPFITS. I asked and he could not say enough about them. Just got mine and I went the unconventional route since I ski in my boots daily. I just slapped them in and let my body heat do the work. Oh my gosh are these liners incredible. I hit Snowbasin hard day one and my feet felt like they were getting a massage. The performance of my skiing is much tighter and precise since the fit is so good. The more I skied the better my feet felt and I have got back to loving skiing hard again. After day 5 now I am constantly saying to myself “I love the F(*&^G liners…. I am so glad I found these.

  2. Christoph L. (verified owner)

    very pleased with the Freeride liner in my Fischer RC4 The CURV 130 shells! Great fit and improved performance

  3. William C.

    fine workmanship .

  4. Edward K. (verified owner)

    Immediate difference in heel hold and boot responsiveness. the fitting process was simple to do at home and the guys were happy to talk me through it on the phone. Can’t recommend these more highly.

  5. Jeff F.

    I have used a neoprene zip fit since 2006 for my ski boots. I use them in bounds, backcountry and with crampons for climbing Mt. Washington. My pair is held together by dict tape. I upgraded. My issue: the 27.5 is snug on my larger foot but too oversixed on my small foot. Can I purchase one foot at 27.5 and the other at 26.5? Or do I have to exchnage these for a 26.5? Or maybe purchase the 26.5 and then retrn whichever pair i decide not to use? Jeff 302-983-0958

  6. Nick B.

    Had these for about 7 days on the mountain so far. Simply great. The way these feel compared to my old liners isn’t even comparable. The cork and leather in these makes such a difference compared to the foam in the stock liners. I feel like my foot is so much more locked in with these than any other liner I have had and as I’ve put more days on them I can feel the cork moving it’s way around to shape itself to every crevice of my ankle. Pretty cool.

  7. Benjamin S. (verified owner)

    Too often in the outdoor industry, we hear that term. In some cases the product lives up to the hype. But rarer still is the product that meets the hype and exceeds it without a blink. ZipFit liners (er…inner boots more appropriately) do just that.

    I thought I had a good stock liner in my Fischer Rangers. To their credit, they’re light years ahead of stock liners from a decade ago. But the ZipFit Freeride is a whole different animal.

    My skis react quicker and with less effort. The ride is significantly more dampened. The heel hold is ironclad. The boot is simultaneously more comfortable and more responsive (a historically impossible combination in the ski boot world). I can’t say enough good things.

    This product is truly worth its price and then some. It has allowed me in just a few short days to change the way I ski and how I attack certain terrain. Game-changer.

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