Blister Gear:30 - Innerboots and the Growth of ZipFit

(Mar. 10, 2023) Kara Williard and Jonathon Ellsworth talk with Jeff Colt, Brand Director of ZipFit, to make the case for why liners, or “inner boots” are one of the most overlooked yet most important pieces of gear. We also discuss the legacy of Sven Coomer; the growth of ZipFit as they bring new products to market; the Fischer x ZipFit collab with the RC4 Pro series; and Jeff shares his own ‘Crashes & Close Calls’ story from the Blister Summit.

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Check out the full episode here.


  • ZipFit at the Blister Summit (4:08)
  • “Inner Boots” (7:52)
  • “First Fit” vs. “3rd-Day Fit” (12:38)
  • Durability, Consistency, Longevity (23:08)
  • Reviewing Ski Boots (33:49)
  • The Growth of ZipFit (39:33)
  • Sven Coomer’s Legacy (46:33)
  • Low-Volume Liners (51:01)
  • Fischer x ZipFit (59:15)
  • Crashes & Close Calls (1:04:23)
  • What We’re Celebrating (1:11:00)
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