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Gara LV

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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Unique Features:

  • Performance meets comfort for mid volume boots
  • Best selling ZipFit liner, tried and true

Best for:

  • All mountain skiers in variable conditions
  • Most universal fit

Skier type

Designed for the all mountain skier seeking performance, the Gara LV (low volume) ski boot liners offer uncompromising edge control, with an engaging forward leaning design, keeping you balanced through bumps, steeps, powder, and chunder. Recognized as Best of 2020/2021 by Blister Magazine, the award winning Gara is the signature liner in our fleet and is now offered in low volume and high volume models to accommodate more skiers.


The interior is stitched with comfortable neoprene that offers just the right amount of padding and is easy to slide on or slip off. Gara LV ski boot liners properly position your foot so that your toes have wiggle room and stay warm thanks to a neoprene toe box insulated with Thinsulate and merino wool. A moderately stiff cuff makes the Gara our most versatile liner, capable of performing in any terrain on the mountain.


The Gara LV liner is pre-packed with a moderate amount of OneMinuteFit self-molding cork composite, specifically designed for low to mid volume performance boots. While the Gara LV comes pre-packed with less cork, skiers can add more cork to the tongue or ankle pockets to dial in their perfect fit. If the Gara LV doesn’t have enough volume for your ski boot shells, consider the Gara HV model.

JH ZipFit GD 75I5419 1 of 1 scaled - Unique Features: Performance meets comfort for mid volume boots Best selling ZipFit liner, tried and true Best for: All mountain skiers in variable conditions Most universal fit

“The power transfer, comfort, and durability of these things are seriously unmatched. I use the liner for big mountain, touring, and park skiing alike.” – Giray Dadali

3 reviews for Gara LV

5.00 out of 5 stars

  1. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Christian B.

    Zipfit single handedly saved my ski season. Allowing me to stay in my current shells and enhancing the amount of performance I get out of my skiing. As someone with a low volume foot, the ability to add cork has helped tremendously with getting my "skinny foot" to feel locked in.

  2. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Giray D.

    I picked up a pair of these in Jackson in 2015. No boot ever worked for me, I tried sizing up and down , squeezing my feet ungodly amounts, foam, intuition... and then I tried these. I could ski a 315mm boot as a size
    10.5 men’s shoe finally and feel my toes while still having all the ankle and heel retention needed! After 5 years of the gara I finally replaced them with a new pair. Not because they are finished, but because I bought a Lange XT140 touring boot and put my old zip fits into them! These can make a touring boot feel like a full on downhill charger. Now that the liner is really broken in, it’ll have sufficient ankle articulation for touring and my new liner will be ultra strong for my downhill boot. Where the black power material comes down to on the gara seems perfect for touring. I recently inserted more cork into my old liner and it felt years newer ;) - Giray Dadali

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    5 out of 5

    Matt R.

    I think I’m a prime example of how good these inserts are. I’m a big guy, 6,1, 250lbs. I ski really hard for someone my size. I have flat, wide feet, and have always struggled with foot pain when skiing. This week I was in Utah, first day we were there I had aching feet and numbing. My Rossignol boots were expensive, and I’ve only put 30-50 days on them, so the shells were in great shape. However I pack out my liners really quick, because of my size, and how I ski. I went to the sports den in SLC, and a guy recommended your inserts. I said screw it, they’re expensive, but comfort is priceless, especially with how pricey skiing is in general. The rest of the week I was in pure bliss, I’ve never felt more comfortable and connected in a boot. I skied 8 days straight with zero pain, and I can’t wait to get back in them and buckle em down hard. Thank you guys :pray: These inserts are priceless

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